My name is Katy Jo. I am a 33 year old Des Moines resident living in the Ingersoll neighborhood. I live with my musician boyfriend, our two dogs, two cats and 6 chickens, and over 70 house plants. We have a wonderful yard that is filled with flowers and a lush garden full of vegetables and fruits. I enjoy camping, being outdoors, spending time with my family, traveling, dancing and photography. My love of photography began as a child, following in my Aunt Diane’s footsteps as a photographer. I come from a family of beautiful singers, creatives and lovers of the outdoors. As a senior in high school I was blessed with an opportunity to take a trip to Europe with the Iowa Ambassadors of Music following my senior year in high school. Toting along the film camera my parents got as a wedding gift I visited 7 countries and fell even deeper in love with the way my travels could be documented. In college I was able to take photography classes and really enjoyed the black and white film class. During my second semester I became the teacher’s aide to the photography department head and was inspired by his knowledge and love for the art to learn all i could in the short 3 semesters I would spend with him. I never took digital photography, but learned hands on while helping students. I have been taking photos professionally for 8 years and it fills my heart getting to do what I love.

If you have any questions or want to know more please let me know!